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March 3, 2018 Business Money,Home Family

Enjoy your golden years by doing what you love — and getting paid for it.

So, you’re retired — or planning on retiring — and you’re looking for ways to keep busy and maybe put a little cash in your pocket.

The good news is that your many years of hard work and experience, no matter what field you spent them in, can still be valuable once you retire. But now, you’re in a position to leverage those skills in a new way, or try your hand at something completely different.

Use the following list of ways to make money as a jumping off point for your next chapter.

1. Walking dogs
Now that you are retired, you will find yourself with more free time, especially during the day — when you can help out pet owners who work long hours. Dog walkers make money by taking a few dogs for a stroll each day. And that habit of getting out for exercise and fresh air is good for you as well as the dogs.

Websites such as can help you find this type of work.

2. Pet-sitting
Pet-sitting gives pet lovers a chance to snuggle up with furry friends and make money.

Word of mouth may get you some work, but again, you can also find work through pet-sitting sites like

3. House-sitting

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