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What is this Website about?
This is a join for FREE Auto Surf Traffic Exchange - a Social Exchange. Please NOTE: For our MEMBERS to log-in the Username is the same as the E-mail address.

The purpose of this Site is for Members to view or see (at our Surf Bar Members Area) other Members Websites, Banners, Text Links, Videos, and other forms of advertising in a Member-to-Member Social Exchange Environment. However, visitors to our Site can also see or view our Members Websites by using the surf link at our Site home page as Visitors to test or try our surfing.

You can add your Websites and Banners from Advertising, Arts, Literature, Business, Computer, Culture, Politics, Electronics, Faith, Family, Home, Finance, Money, Forums, Blogs, Social Networks, Health, Pets, Animals, Real Estate, Regional and Global, Schools and Colleges, Science and Inventions, Shopping and Stores, Sports and Leisure, Travel and Vacation, Videos and Picture, and other Sites - in agreement with our Site TERMS and Rules.

Can any one join this Site?
Yes. Anyone online can join for FREE in agreement with our TERMS of Service and Rules. There is no cost to join. Please NOTE: For our MEMBERS to log-in the Username is the same as the E-mail address.

What is Auto Surf Traffic Exchange?
If you have never joined one before, it's a place where Registered verified Members view others Websites (such as blogs, forums, YouTube Videos, Facebook pages, Twitter page, General or Professional Websites and other approved Sites. Each time a Member view others Sites (via an Auto Surf Bar that will change the Sites you look at automatically) you will earn credits to be added to your own Sites so others can view or look at the contents of your Sites in return.

Click here to test or try our Auto Surf Exchange System today.

What else can I do at this Website?
You can add banners (468x60 size) or text links ads, add your YouTube Videos, use the Paid-to-Click (PTC) Service, and much more. See the details at the Members Area/ Section when you log-in.

What can I do if I do not wish to Surf for Credits?
You can buy credits to be added to your Sites so they will be shown constantly at the Surfing Area. You can also upgrade from a FREE Member to a Paid Pro Surfer via monthly Subscription.

How can I pay for Services, Credits or Upgrades?
We currently accept Payments via PayPal and Payza at this Website. You can contact us via the Members Contact Form for more details or just log-in to see the information at the Members Area/Section.

Will my information be kept private?
All Members information are kept private. We have a very good Web Hosting Company from the United States where this Website is located. Our Services are protected by expert Web Hosting Professionals. And we only use secure payment providers (such as PayPal or Payza) to deal with Members Payments online.

Who are the Owners of this Site?
This Site operates from Philadelphia PA in the United States where the Website Owner (Mike Taylor) and Associates who manage the Site live.

About us - About us Information: This is a private Website - Auto Surf Traffic Exchange - from Philadelphia, PA in the United States. It is designed for Auto Surfers who love surfing online. The Site offers Free Membership and paid Pro Membership. You can join for free and choose to upgrade or not. All Members MUST agree to our Terms and Rules to remain a Member of this Site. - This is our CONTACT Information. To contact this Website Owner or Administrator: E-Mail - - send your E-mail contact information details to our Site Admin. You can also CONTACT us by using the CONTACT FORM at the Site.

ADDRESS: Site Administrator and Owner - c/o Mike Taylor and Friends/Associates - PO BOX 20821, Philadelphia, PA 19141 - Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Phone: (Private - not listed).

What if I have more questions or concerns?
You can always use the Contact Form at the Website to reach us for more answers to you questions or concerns.

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