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What is a Text Ad or Text Ads Link?
Text link ads are ways to advertise your website or url information. Text Ad Advertising often have words or phrases connected to links (or urls) which typically appear in a different color from the rest of the text. Text Ads are also referred to as "an advertisement on the internet that contains words, often in a box, rather than a picture, and is usually linked to the website of the company advertising the product or service" (from

What is a Banner?
A banner is, for example, a 468x60 pixel GIF image (like the one seen at the top of our Website). If you do not have a banner you can create one online, or use a graphics program like online. On your own banner you place your advertising message, for example, "Click here to buy books from" Your banner is advertised on our network along with a pool of banners from other members.

What are Impression Ads, Time Bound Ads and Click Based Ads?
Impression Ads: When Ads have or receive Impressions from ads being loaded or shown or displayed on a webpage.

Time Bound Ads: The specific time (weeks, months, years, etc) an advertisement (Text and/or Banner) will be displayed.

Click Based Ads: "An ad click is a click on a banner ad or button. The ad acts as a link to a website or landing page...The ad click rate is the relationship between visual contacts with the advertising material (ad impressions) and the number of user clicks....The calculation model is called pay per click (short: PPC) or cost per click (CPC)." Information from:

Is it FREE to join and what do I need to join?
Yes it is FREE of cost to join. And you will need a 468x60 pixel GIF image (your advertising banner) and a web page. We will use your banner to advertise your website. After joining, you will be provided with a HTML code to insert into your web page. This HTML code will automatically display an Exchange Banner in your web page, and in return, you will generate advertising credits for your banners to be shown on other websites or web pages.
 What is a Url?
A URL is basically an address (like a mailing address) that directs a browser to your web page. For example, is a URL. If you have a web page, view it using your browser, and copy the "Location" box information.
What types of Sites are accepted?
Sites intended for the general audience (or family friendly) are accepted. This Banner Exchange does not accept adult content Sites. Advertising banners and websites must not contain nudity, partial nudity (bathing suits included), violence, vulgar language, or links to adult sites. In addition, advertising banners cannot imply a link to an adult content site (using adult related banners to draw public to your non-adult website). You can read and know more of our TERMS of Service at this Banner Exchange Site.  

Do you Offer Refund?
Yes. We will refund the payment for a Text or Banner Ad submitted which is not approved and if the person (i.e. Advertiser) refuse to change the URL/Link or Text/ Banner Information. However, we will NOT refund a Payment for after 7 days. So the person MUST request a refund with-in 7 days after Payment and communication from our Admin to the Advertiser.
I am already a member of another Site, can I still join?
Yes. You can place our banner exchange banners in your web pages that already have other exchange banners. However, you can only have 1 of our banner exchange banners per web page.

If we have more questions, how can we contact the Site?
You can access our Contact page to reach us for more answers.

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